Saturday, August 7, 2010

the lender

since we are moving, JJ and i have been peeking at houses. we are going to CA next weekend to look at places to live. how exciting! but before we could make an appointment to look, we needed to be pre-approved by a lender. a real estate agent i spoke with referred me to a lender. i called him and he asked for all of my information including my social security number. i gave it to him. then he asked me fore JJ's. and i panicked and said "i'llcallyoubackbye" and dialed JJ's number. i freaked out because of that commercial where the fake bank asks people for hair samples and asks what kind of underwear they wear, etc. etc. so i was like "OMG I GAVE MY INFORMATION TO THIS GUY HE'S GOING TO COME AND HUNT ME DOWN AND CHOP OFF MY HEAD AND MAX OUT MY CREDIT CARD AT SEARS OMG OMG OMG" and JJ told me to calm down and scolded me for being naive about my information. i gave him the lender's number and he called him to see if he was indeed coming to chop off my head and max out my credit card at sears.

in the end, the lender proved to be a trustworthy man who told us our credit was outstanding and he pre-approved us! cool!

but am going to be a little bit of a skeptic and be paranoid about the man. i do not want my head chopped off before i am a homeowner.

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  1. "i gave it to him. then he asked me fore JJ's."

    Bet you wish you had auto-correct for the blog. haha


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