Saturday, August 7, 2010

mimi loves vamps


on thursday morning Mimi got out of bed wearing.......a Team Edward shirt. i literally died laughing. i could not stop. i asked my cousin Noni what the heck our grandmother was doing in a Team Edward shirt. she said, "she and Papa went to a party where everyone had to dress like teenagers."



  1. Just to clarify: it was a golf tournament where we had to dress as kids and I went as a 6th grader. I wore a fluffy 3-tiered mini from Target, the Team Edward shirt, leggings and a long scarf around my neck. Under the tee I wore a couple of camisoles so that plenty of strap would show. I also put a bunch of tiny rubber bands in my hair and wore lots and lots of eye shadow and sparkle powder. Not for nothing do I have adolescent granddaughters! By the way, I won 1st prize!

  2. Wow, Mom--you had EVERY detail down! Send pictures, so Lacie can post.


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