Saturday, August 7, 2010

the most important things

my sister CA is dating a charming young man who was raised very humbly. his mother makes the family bread instead of buying it at the grocery store and it is DIVINE. the children were all homeschooled until high school. there is one family car that everyone shares, and no one has a cell phone. i literally don't know how he lives without a cell phone, and yet i'm kind of jealous. sometimes i wish i wasn't so...connected.

anyway, my sisters, my mom and i were discussing CA's boyfriend. i told her that if she married him, she was not allowed to homeschool her children, and that they would have cell phones. it was a very opinionated statement, i realize but i was serious. she rolled her eyes at me. and i said, "CA, IF YOU HOMESCHOOL YOUR CHILDREN, I SWEAR THAT I'M....I'M....I'M GOING TO SNEAK THEM JELLYBEANS AND PORN!"

because obviously jellybeans and porn are the most important things in life.

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