Saturday, August 7, 2010

pet names

here is the list of dog and cat names that my family or i have had throughout my life...that i can remember:

Ebbie (cocker spaniel)
Madison "Maddy" (golden retriever)
Mickey (striped cat)
Oscar (overweight siamese cat)
Jasmine (light grey cat)
Aladdin (black cat. Jasmine's son. my mom ran him over as a kitten)
Bo (black cocker spaniel)
Ashley (grey and white cat)
Libby (black and white cat)
Jack (golden retriever + lab mix)
Bridgette (black cat)
Ginger (the ugliest calico cat you have ever seen in life)
Lola (golden retriever + poodle mix. more commonly known as a "golden doodle")
Courtney (brown and black mixed cat)
Herm├Ęs (orange cat)
Chanel (extremely overweight grey furry as hell cat)
Foxy Cleopatra (yorkie + maltese mix)
Hank (golden doodle)

what is noticeable about all of these names is that they could all be considered to be "human names." Moon and i had a heated discussion about proper pet names. (we also had a heated discussion about graphic character tees on children, but that's a different story for a different day). Moon seems to think that animals should have quirky names, while i disagree. i think pets should have names that are cutesy and slightly human. for instance, the two pets i have now, Chanel and Cleopatra, have names that i would never use to name a baby human, but essentially COULD be used as such. Moon on the other hand, has had a cat named Cheez-it. who, by the way, once peed on an entire package of costco muffins. probably in protest against his dumb name.

for example, Moon and i could both get an all white persian cat. while i would choose a regal sounding name like Isabel or Valentina, Moon would most likely choose Snowball or Fluffy.

the issue remains unresolved. agree to disagree is how we chose to end the discussion.

why did we start the discussion in the first place you ask? Moon is getting a kitten on Tuesday and she's naming it Spoinky.

i rest my case.


  1. We chose one of each I suppose: Chloe and Chewie (although I guess Chewbacha is a character name)... I'd tend to agree with you. We picked names we liked that weren't good enough for child names.

  2. Chewie is still more of a name than SPOINKY!!! omg!!!

  3. 1. Jack was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever+Lab mix
    2. Who the heck is Courtney?!?! Don't remember that one...

  4. courtney was the kitten i found until the neighbor boy came and commandeered her. and remaned her Carrot Top. she was brown. idiot child.

  5. I think it really depends on the pet, like what personality do they have. I have had a few human names (Lucy, Fred, Dexter) but also not. for instance, Sherra, Orca, and Wing Ding. WD was a cat & got his name because, as my dad said, would 'wing ding about the house all crazy like.'


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