Sunday, August 29, 2010

sorry for the hiatus!! & counting sheep

i've been non-blogging for like a million years SORRRRYYYYYY. i have a million things to write about but then i have a million things that i HAVE to do...and then my poor little blog gets put on the back burner.

first, note the poll on the right side of the blog. it is quite possibly THE MOST IMPORTANT POLL OF YOUR LIFE. please vote thanks. (and to the person who voted "no" you are an absolute asshole).

i really have been busy. chasing around M, S & P, trying to figure out life after Spoke, planning my writer's workshop/visit Moon trip to NY (!!!!) and also i am having weird troubles falling asleep at night. probably because i sleep in until like 8:30 every morning now. JJ has to pull me out of bed and throw me on the ground to get me up. which is very unlike me. i am usually a bright eyed and bushy tailed annoyingly sunshiney bunny in the morning. lately i have been an grumpy 16-year-old boy in the morning. but since i sleep in now, JJ falls asleep WAY before me and i have no one to talk to but my brain inside my head. and then i try counting sheep. which is like the weirdest thing ever. where did that come from? is that an American thing like the 4x4 cheeseburger, will ferrlel movies and football? i just don't understand it. how stupid is it to lay in bed int he dark and picture animals jumping over a fence?!?!?!? and i don't know about your counting sheep, but mine are the fluffy white cartoon version on the top of a cartoon grassy knoll with the yellow cartoon moon and stars and for some reason there's always pink cartoon flowers growing on the grassy knoll.

whether or not counting sheep works for you, it's totally bizarre that it's a cultural norm for us to know what it is. just like how we all know the phrase "sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite" LIKE WHAT?!?!?! NO!!! OMG!!! I'M 5 YEARS OLD MOM, DON'T TALK ABOUT BUGS IN MY BED BITING ME RIGHT BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP IN A DARK ROOM. anyway, i think counting sheep is stupid. and it's supposed to calm you. and get you to fall asleep. and i did it the other night for lack of anything else to do in the dark laying in bed. and do you know how that ended???? HUH!??!?!

i woke up at 3 a.m. in a cold sweat because i dreamt that a shark came and ate both my legs so i just had two little nubs to walk around on.

never counting sheep again

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