Saturday, August 7, 2010

the thing about rompers

i love rompers. they are SO cute. and so comfortable. and they look PHENOM with cowboy boots. but here is the thing about wearing halter rompers without a bra:

you have to be complete naked from the waist up while you pee.

this week my sister MM, my mom and i went on a road trip. we stopped at jack in the box for lunch and to pee. and i was wearing the halter romper sans bra.

as i settled in to relieve myself in the bathroom, i looked up and noticed the gigantic space between the stall and the wall. you know the one? sometimes public restrooms are stupid and don't really cover you all the way. well basically i could see the 3 people in line behind me through the crack. and there i was, sitting what looked like TOPLESS in the JACK IN THE BOX RESTROOM OMG. so i awkwardly shrunk down and covered my boobs with my upper-arms and hunched over. i wiped in a flash and quickly pulled the romper back up.

as i went out to wash my hands, one of the girls in line said, "i really like your outfit." i'm not sure if she was serious, or if she caught a glimpse of my boobie.


  1. so was it JITB? or BK? or were you so embarrassed you blacked out and don't remember? ha

  2. omg---that mistake is so embarr. but seriously. i couldn't decide which one i wanted. in the end i wisely chose JITB. hahahahh

  3. ha you corrected it. Love you!


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