Thursday, August 19, 2010

uggs are always

i got to thinking about the Big Move to California and it dawned on me that i'm going to dreadfully miss a vital item on my List Of Favorite Winter/Christmas Things: ......outerwear. sure i will be able to wear my adorable warm coats, but what about mittens and wool caps and scarves?!?!!?!? and GOD FORBID i go through December without wearing Uggs!!!!!!! HOGWASH I TELL YOU!!! but wait, don't the California girls wear their Uggs with skirts?? weren't Uggs created in Australia by a surfer?!?!? yes and yes. so i will wear my beloved Uggs through the winter months, after all, my dad used to wear them when it was not an acceptable time for a middle-aged man to be wearing Uggs...

he had a pair before they were cool. my Mimi bought them for him on a trip to Australia. he wore them as slippers--which coincidentally meant he wore them everywhere--even places where slippers aren't recognized as appropriate footwear. his favorite way to wear them was with sweatpants tucked into them. tres chic. once they became popular with the tweens, teens and young adult woman, my mom forbid him to wear them probably out of fear that he would look like a creep trying to match 16-year-old girls. he promptly ignored her demands and wore them anyway, free and creepy and proud.

i shall channel my Inner-Creepy-Dad and wear my Uggs in Rancho Cucamonga just as freely--just as proud.


  1. I always thought M was the only girl from Cali who still proudly flaunted her uggs but after our trip down there I realized all the girls wear them! So you'll fit right in.

  2. Definitely wear them in AZ too. I also wear scarves, hats and gloves. It may be land of beaches & sunshine, but they still have winters. brr


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