Thursday, August 19, 2010

visiting Dee

i had lunch with Dee last week. yes, Dee from apartment 712 at Rockwood. she wanted to visit with Cleo, so the mutt and i drove on over and had a talk about No Pooping On Our Friend Dee's White Carpet, then picked up a potted orchid and knocked on Dee's door.

she was so thrilled to see us and Cleo adores her because Dee gets down on the ground and wrestles with her. an 8o-something woman wrestling on the ground with a dog! amazing!

we had a great time. we had a nice lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and cantaloupe and water and chatted about our health and my upcoming move. at the end of the day before i left she said, "L, if you know of any guy my age who is taller than you, likes to dance and drink a little and who can drive at night, send them my way." will do, Dee!

Dee & Cle

Me & Dee & Cle

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