Saturday, August 7, 2010

white trash 24

most of the Fab 5 (minus LJ) came to Spoke for my birthday weekend. i got so excited that i made party favors for everyone that included pillowcases, panties, toothbrushes, gumballs, crackers, popcorn and balloons. they were tres ADORABLE and everyone loved them.

they got here and we immediately cracked open a bottle of "Bitch" wine and started the gabfest. JJ went straight to bed. the next morning we arose bright and early to start our nice white trash day at Silverwood theme park in good ol Idaho. we all dressed to impress. (i.e. i was wearing my "my boyfriend bought me a ford" tshirt and Sam was wearing a shirt with lips on it...the pattern of the lips done in American flag print, see the common theme here??)

it was so fun. we went on all the scary rides, even though Kit-Kat and i were ready to shit our pants on half of them. KKiss and Sam knew their way around the park like a coupla pros, and we started front-butt and tattoo tallies. the front-butt one got to like 3,000. after that, we stopped counting. the tattoo tally on the other hand, had the opposite effect. Sam and i were fully convinced that we were going to get tattoos the next morning. we even called to see when the nearest parlor opened. OMG. (obvs the first thing Sam said to me the next morning was, "we're not getting tattoos, right?" phew.) anyway, this was the worst tattoo we saw that day:

you can't see it that well, but it was a dream catcher...with the air jordan symbol right in the middle. nice.

that night JJ made us burgers. i poured us some beach bellinis. and we got ready and went out. i had no idea of a fun, young dance place to go out in Spokane. i only know little dive bars, and we were all dolled up ready to rock n roll. i wore the dress Moon got me for my birthday. i call it "Octopus Chic"

we had JJ drive us around downtown until we saw somewhere we wanted to go. he pointed out a place where "my friend D goes here with his girlfriend" and i was like "OMG STOP! D IS SO COOL, SO WE ARE DEFINITELY GOING HERE." this is the sign that was on the door. we should have known right then...

how lame is that sign?????

also, we saw 3 white trash brides there. like literal brides. who decided to go to this club bar after their wedding. and we saw at least 46 bachelorettes. it was QUITE a sight. and i had my first "i'm old and 24 moment" whereinwhich i was next in line at the bar and a tiny young 19-year-old with a backless dress and long hair swooped in, slowly blinked her eyelashes, and put on her demure face on before ordering her drink. how am i supposed to compete with a 19-year-old?!?!? sigh. old. OH, and we saw this couple making out for 10 straight minutes, without coming up for air:

we partied hard and had a BRILLIANT time with all the trash. we called JJ to pick us up and we went to a pub and ordered a ton of fries and mozerella sticks. we proceeded to shovel it all into our faces before gesturing with our hands "another round please" to the waiter.

we got home, ate the rest of my ice cream cake and PTFO. we arose at 5 a.m. to hydrate and sleep for another 3 hours. then we crawled out of bed and threw on pants before heading to D'Lish. a perfect hangover cure. at least i thought. we got home and a member of the fab 5 puked as soon as we walked in the door.

i smiled, considering the weekend to be a complete and utter success.


  1. Hahahah!! Sounds like a fabulous spoke-style weekend! Still sad I couldn't be there.

    p.s. Why are none of the guys in the pics wearing collared shirts?!


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