Thursday, September 9, 2010


i went to get my hair done yesterday. and made a new change:

BANGS! and that's Cleo snoozin in the background. i kind of feel like a dork but JJ says he likes them and so does my mom. well everyone says they like them but they are probably all full of shit.

anyway, i like them because they cover up the bald spot in my right eyebrow.


  1. I like em! They go nicely with your long flowy beautiful blonde hair.
    I have some too, except my hair is chin length so i look like an asshole.

  2. They make your nose look much longer and pointier. JUST KIDDING! I really like them, but who am I to say, I've had bangs my whole life!

  3. i like them. i can't pull off bangs, i have like three calics (sp?) in my hairline that doesn't give me much flexibility in styling. MJ said you look like a stepford wife in this pic. i think that's a compliment. regardless you look hawt.

  4. SHUT UP MJ!!!

    i am the best stepford wife i know anyway. ha. thanks SAM!

  5. These bangs suit you perfectley!


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