Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chanel in the night

Chanel's favorite thing to do (aside from planning my demise) is sit all of her 15 pound glory right on my chest at sporadic intervals during the night. on Tuesday night she did this at about 10:07 p.m. and i had just settled into my cloud bed, had just closed my eyes. i let her stay there. just sitting on my chest and purring and occasionally sticking her cold wet nose in my mouth. at some point during this awkward exchange i drifted off to sleep.

a half hour later i awoke with a start, sweaty and drooling and confused. i looked down and staring right at me was the answer to all of my problems: Chanel. still sitting on my chest. i shoved her off me and onto the ground and said the first thing that came to my mind: "UGH! CHANEL YOU MAKE ME SO HOT!!" and as soon as i uttered the words i knew how weird and wrong they were. but alas, 'twas too late. JJ had heard them and then came plenty o jokes about me "needing a moment alone" with the cat. COME ONNNNN i'm not into beastiality, i just made a mistake. but JJ would not let me be. he teased me all night.

we'll see who's laughing when a litter-covered turd appears on someone's pillow.



  1. you would.
    my best friend once told all her roommates she was going to take a dump on their pillows if they didn't stop being stupid, and when they were still stupid she made a plate of brownies and while they were still hot/soft, she rolled them into turds and put them on everyone's pillows.


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