Thursday, September 2, 2010

JJ the Cowboy

when i first met JJ he thought i was such a hick. he used to tell me that every once in a while i would do something random that was telling of my small town roots and was very "county." and the man HATED country music. as does Moon. i told them "but they're songs about me, and who i am, they're songs about lovin' and livin' and good hearted women and family and God, yeah they're all just songs about me..." (which in and of itself is a country song by Trace Adkins. and i would sing that to them in a twangy accent and they would get very annoyed). anyway, so JJ hated hated hated country music. then, out of habit of riding in my car (i have like 8 CDs. i go back and forth between Taylor Swift, the Glee soundtrack, Britney and every once in a while i'll throw a little Madonna in there), i heard him singing Taylor in the shower once. "SILLY LITTLE BOYS AND THEIR PICKUP TRUCKS" which was close, but it's actually "i hate that stupid old pickup truck you never let me drive..." but the fact was, my husband was singing about trucks and boys. 100% pure blooded country music. and i caught him. and he was embarrassed and ashamed.

BUT NOW!?!?!? he sings Taylor every chance he can get. (Moon still hates country, but quasi-enjoys Taylor) and he is so used to me listening to country that i hear him humming a tune or two about whiskey or a broken heart. i think he actually LIKES country music now.

and my belief was confirmed. for just the other night i was driving his car and messing with his radio. and on pre-set #3...LO AND BEHOLD 93.7 THE CAT OMG! a country music pre-set!?!?!?!?!? MY HUSBAND IS A CHANGED MAN!

when i pointed this out to him and explained how proud i felt, he vehemently denied the accusation, claiming he has never once even TOUCHED the pre-sets in his car. omg what a liar.

he loves country. he he he

this is the only picture i have of JJ (on our honeymoon) looking the least bit country. his Laker jersey is quite contrary, though.


  1. I will never understand how folks put up such a stink about how horribly awful country music is... but then get all excited to go to Tim McGraw or Taylor Swift concert. Last I checked he was country. Country music is the bomb. They need to stop hating it out of spite & principal & just admit it.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, JJ. Remember how miserable he was at the Lonestar concert we went to on his first visit to Selah? I saved the ticket stub for y'all! I used to hate country music too--then you converted me when you were in high school (after being converted yourself by SexGod)-TOO FUNNY!


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