Friday, September 3, 2010

one of two

during my SCOUR of the M.H., i discovered in the process something weird.

ok so i always buy glasses in sets of two. i don't know why. i just like to have a schmorgasboard of all different kinds. it's what i like. so my cupboard is so cute with sets of twos everywhere. so ador.

but when it comes to wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne glasses, margarita glasses....i.e. glasses that carry alcohol, i found out today, that i only have 1 of each. so you open the cabinet with the alcohol glasses and it looks like a college cabinet. i have one of each. it's always because some sort of accident happens, you know, alcohol glasses are quite fragile. one breaks here, one breaks there, and i get so mad at myself. like COME ON, L, you're an ADULT, get yourself together and keep the glasses intact.

ok so all of them have lost their pair. EXCEPT for one set of two champagne glasses that i got from the Fab 5 inside of a fancy wine & things basket they got me--ahem--us for the wedding. they are from pottery barn and they are pretty and simple and perfect. and so when i was cleaning out the cabinet, i set the ONE SET OF TWO that i have aside in the corner, to keep them guarded from the chaos. then all of a sudden the STUPID PLASTIC PIRATE CEREAL BOWL THAT I USED TO LOVE WITH ALL OF MY HEART BUT NOW I HATE IT MORE THAN ARBY'S, COMES FLYING OUT OF NOWHERE AND WHERE DOES IT LAND?!?!?!?! WHERE DOES IT LAND!?!?!??! IT DOES A MOTHERFUDGING U-TURN LIKE A GOD DAMN BOOMERANG AND WIGGLES IT'S WAY INTO THE POTTERY BARN CHAMPANGE GLASSES' PRIVATE CORNER. and then, just like that, one of them burst, right before my eyes. so i ran down the hallway like a lunatic and jumped on the bed and punched the shit out of my pillow because i HATE MYSELF for LETTING THE CHAMPAGNE GLASS SHATTER RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES.

then i angrily threw the plastic pirate cereal bowl in the trash along with the broken glass.

later, much later, after i had calmed down, i quietly reached into the garbage and picked the plastic pirate cereal bowl out. because i really do actually love it.

1 comment:

  1. well at least it didn't break off in your hand whilst drinking peach bellinis. glad to see our gift survived as long as it did.


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