Wednesday, September 1, 2010

purging and reminiscing and being all thoughtful and shit

the official date of the move: October 5. i know, i know, i'm crying too. obviously when i found out the date i started going batty and got tres emotional about everything. ol JJ wanted to decapitate me, i'm sure of it. for lack of anything better to do, i started packing. and getting rid of the baggage in the M.H. here is how it went:

hours spent: 6.5
bags of garbage procured: 8.5
bags of Goodwill/DARE I SAY IT...YARD SALE ITEMS: 5
things cleaned: crafting cabinet, junk drawer, desk, under the bed, JJ's "dump" which was the pile o shit behind the chair next to his side of the bed, the cabinets above the washing machine, the boxes of books, and lastly, the rainbow drawers. please tell me you all know what rainbow drawers are. i know LJ and my sister CA know...because they too have suffered life with the rainbow drawers. here is what they are: a wonderful/hateful costco purchase:

aren't they fun to look at??

so yesterday i was completely RUTHLESS. i threw out anything and everything. in fact, i'm really quite afraid that i carelessly went through our important documents and tossed out JJ's social security card. if that's the case then i would feel really bad. because the social security office is DIS.GUST.ING. but i played it off as though he lost it, saying, "JJ have you any clue where your S.S. card is? i haven't seen it while cleaning." the desk wasn't too hard to clean, i mostly just threw everything away. it was SO LIBERATING! and the junk drawer was the craft cabinet i discovered 11 rolls of wrapping paper. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME!?!?!? but basically everything was AOK until i got to my closet. whereinwhich the rainbow drawers reside. i had decided at about 4 p.m. that it was time for me and the rainbow drawers to break up permanently. call it quits. end it. and as i opened the first drawer, i (EMBARRASSINGLY) discovered that i had items circa 2002 in there. FROM HIGH SCHOOL ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!?!? so i just took all the drawers and i dumped them into the garbage. i saved a few things like the playing cards with all different cat breeds on them, the purple velvet Crown Royal bag that i stole from my cousin BCG in college, which coincidentally was the same night i gave him a drunken haircut. i also saved my nail polishes, my hello kitty crayons and the collection of high school homecoming/prom pictures that are so HILAR. but everything else went. just in the garbage. just like that. i purged myself of the crap. and it felt wonderful!

when i was finished with the rainbow drawers, i happened to look up and see two items from my past: 1. my sailor girl halloween costume (which i was wearing when JJ and i had our first kiss, awww) and 2. my fanta girl halloween costume. OMG. JJ was like "I COULD SELL THOSE ON CRAIGSLIST AND MAKE US SOME MONEY" and i was like "omg you are such a creep. a man selling women's sexy halloween costumes?!??! really???" and then i felt so sad. because i had some really great times in those costumes, and they really are special to me, but OMG THEY'RE POORLY MADE NYLON STRIPS OF CLOTH, L, GET OVER IT. i can't decide what to do. JJ has already put them in the Goodwill/yard sale pile, but i might sneak them out, on principle. on The Principle That Halloweens Of Yesteryear Should Be Remembered And Cherished Wholeheartedly.

anyway, my closet is much roomier now that the damn rainbow drawers have been removed and thrown in the Goodwill/yard sale pile. and the only thing i'm mad about is the fact that i carted them around for 9 years, through 5 different moves. BE GONE RAINBOW DRAWERS! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!

now my hallway is lined with boxes of things that will be in the New Place We Will Live. isn't it weird how we just accumulate? we are such consumers, and we fall in love with things. with stupid things that don't mean anything. and the things just travel with us. the things just hang around until we are finished with them. huh. so weird.


  1. I am SO SAD. Especially about those damn rainbow drawers (and the hallow costumes).

    Booooooohoooooohooooohooohoooo :*(

  2. You're inspiring me to purge all my crap old things I refuse to part with but that just sit in a box doing nothing. Well... almost anyways.

  3. I agree with your mom on the sailor outfit.

    Cannot believe you STILL had those rainbow drawers. I think I threw mine away after the dorms.

    Also purging/packing and I've discovered my husband is even worse than I am considering he has an entire box full of tennage mutant ninga turtles!!

  4. SHUT UP CHRIS!!!!!!! ahahahhahaha a whole box of them!!?!?!?! why??? so your children can enjoy them someday?? sorry man, but i think the new age shit they have these days is going to beat out the lame primary colored turtles.


    That was the best Halloween EVER!!!


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