Friday, September 17, 2010


so the monday morning after i was done babysitting all weekend, i woke up sick as a dawg. so sick. i couldn't even get out of bed. i had body aches and a sore throat and i was beyond fatigued. so i texted CP "sick today, so sorry, can't work" and stayed in bed literally all day. i watched like 8 Kardashian episodes and a shitty lifetime movie. and napppppped alllll day. and JJ came home at lunch to check on me and wouldn't come past the doorway. you'd think i had the plague. he was like "i'll make you some theraflu and give you some tylenol then i'm leaving." he was SO insensitive, while on the other hand, his wife treats him like a KING when he's sick (har har). and you know who else didn't get out of bed all day either? Cleo. we just lounged around all day moping and complaining to ourselves and getting lost in the E! channel. when nightfall came, i was starting to feel a bit better. it was monday, so of course JJ was nowhere to be found (i.e. glued to monday night football) and he came in the room only to give me more theraflu and a little dinner. that night he slept on the couch until like 3 am, and even in his sleep he avoided me. he laid on the tiniest 9% sliver of the bed all night and in the morning he jumped up and immediately requested that the sheets be sterilized. YES, YOUR HIGHNESS, I, THE SICK WOMAN, WILL WASH THE SHEETS GHODDDD. i was feeling better anyway, so i did it. but STILL. rude.

i was really sick, but it wasn't that bad since i didn't even TRY to do anything. it was a 24-hour thing in which i did not move from the bed but only to wee. and i haven't been sick in over a year, so it was time. i have the craziest immune system, i never. ever. get. sick. i'm lucky. but JJ not so much. he's had the flu 3 times since spring. he is definitely getting the flu shot. i am not. 1. because i hate them and 2. because i'm moderately allergic to eggs, which is where flu shots are created. did you know that??

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