Friday, September 17, 2010

slippery fingers

my mom bought me a pair of jeans last month (HOW NICE OMG!) and i took them in to Long Duc Dong my favorite Asian tailor. the waist was a little big. so i tried them on and he grabbed the back of them by the waist, you know, to see how tight i wanted them, and it slipped. his finger slipped into my jeans and grazed the top of my buttcrack. OMG. and i don't know if it was an accident or not. you know, since last time he told me i was "pretty like paris hilton." it was just for a split second, but you can bet every hair was standing still on the back of my neck and my bhole clenched RIGHT UP. it was so awkward. i was like buddy your fingers sure don't want to be hanging around there, i had taco bell for lunch.

anyway, i'm going to pick up my jeans today. with any luck, i will get a discount.

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