Thursday, September 9, 2010

twigs sux. JJ kind of does too.

this last weekend JJ and i went on TWO DATES OMG. the first was Friday night to PF Changs. we had gift cards from JJ participating in the Rock n Roll marathon in San Diego. so we dined and had a wonderful evening.

the second night we went to go get ice cream and go to a movie...BUT THE ICE CREAM PLACE WAS CLOSED! so we made the stupid mistake of popping into Twigs at the mall before the movie. Twigs sux. (last time we went there was a bone in JJ's chicken quesadilla. that's REAL) so this time i got a glass of wine and a salad and JJ got gorgonzola cheese fries. when my salad came, i picked up my fork and jabbed at the lettuce until i got a nice little amount with a piece of tomato. i brought the forkful of food to my mouth, my lips just parting to enjoy the very first bite----

"did you know that lettuce is the number one place where foodborne illnesses are found?"


SON OF A BITCH. JJ COME ON. I MEAN COME ON. now don't get me wring, it is wonderful that he is so wise and well-read and full of little tid-bits of information, but the timing here was unfortunate. so i pouted and dramatically set my fork down and pushed the plate of incriminating lettuce away. "i'm not eating that now, thanks a lot."

to which he relied, "OH DON'T BE SO DRAMATIC L!" and i said, "WELL....!?!?!? like i want to eat the number one foodborne illness thing!!!" and then he said he was sorry so i took a bite of the salad and it sucked anyway. in the end i ate a large movie popcorn with extra butter for dinner which was better anyway.

the moral of the story is: DON'T GO TO TWIGS! also, the other moral is: JJ SHUT YOUR MOUTH


  1. Why does this story remind me of hangover morning (circa CB 2010) when we got our lifesaving egg breakfast sandwiches...AND you state in all your profound glory, "yum,baby chicks!" 4 VEGETARIANS LACIE!! Count em'!!! You and the hubs need a verbal filter!! xo.

  2. HAHAHAH! OMG I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE I SAID THAT. the sad thing is that if someone would have said that to me, i would have been SO grossed out. but since it came out of my mouth--i guess it was ok... or...???

  3. Matt is paranoid about salads. he got food poisoning from eating a salad this summer and now he won't eat any salads. we got a $9.00 salad from whole foods today (yes that's real, $9.00) and he won't it now that we're home.


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