Thursday, October 21, 2010


while i was in NY, Sam got engaged in Cabo! i screamed and giggled and my workshop roommates were alarmed. he heheehe

YAYAYAYAYAYYYY so excited for her and her lovely state trooper fianceeeeeeeee to tie the knot! :)

just a little over two years ago we were at my bachelorette party and Sam was single and beginning to grow skeptical of love. and now here she is, engaged to the love of her life, who is the sweetest, dearest man in the world.

congrats S, i love ya.

and would you look at the size of that rock? GORGEOUS! he did good. the caption on this picture that she sent me said, "reading (she's in law school) is so much more enjoyable when i have this to look at"

incidentally, the day after i got Sam's wonderful news, i looked down at my own wedding band to see that a diamond went missing. boo. is that a sign that me and JJ are just an old married couple??

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