Sunday, October 10, 2010


the drive to CA was...very eventful to say the least. my parents drove over to help us pack up and took us out to dinner. my last night in Spoke was spent rightfully so--in a deliciously luxurious Davenport bed. the next morning i said bye to my dad. then Rah and Nebular came over to say goodbye right before we pulled out of ol Spring Creek Ln. and she gave me a photo album with the letters LMAO (so fitting) on the front. and pictures in it of the 6 years we lived in Spoke together. tears....

my mom and i listened to "the girl who played with fire" which is just as MOTHERFUDGING addicting and scary as the first in the series. you guys should read them. i have to say, Lisbeth Salander is literally one of the most dynamic characters i have ever encountered. we didn't get all the way finished though, so i frantically scrambled around in the back of the moving truck to find my hard copy as soon as we got to CA.

so we started the drive, just me mom and Cleo. JJ drove the moving truck and his friend JC drove JJ's car. make sense? we drove and we drove for like 12 hours or something. until we got to Reno. for lunch we had leftovers from dinner the night before and for dinner we stopped at The King and inhaled 45 cartons of buffalo sauce with our fries. omg buffalo sauce!!! yum. i actually took a shower in our hotel room in Reno and it was so refreshing. then the three of us: me mom & cle settled into sleep. at 4:30 a.m. the dumb dog heard someone outside the room and ran around barking. i fumbled around to find shoes and leashed her up for a potty walk. i tucked the key inside my pocket and walked outside. after she wee-weed, we turned to go back inside. BUT GUESS WHAT?!?! MY DAMN KEY DIDN'T WORK. I MEAN REALLY. and dogs were definitely not allowed in the hotel room. so i stuffed her into my shirt and walked around to the main entrance of the hotel. i looked left and right and waited for the front desk person to turn the other way. then i full sprinted back to the room, never looking back. i'm such a badass. i got back to the room, out of breath, wide-eyed and crazy, just as my mom was walking out the door. she was going for a run. at 4:45 a.m. and i was like NOT A CHANCE GOIN BACK TO BED HAVE A NICE RUN BYE and crawled back into bed.

at 7:30 she forced me out of bed and we got dressed and packed. we had a delish free continental breakfast and loaded up into the car. we gassed up and headed out on the wide open road.

and i took this while she was napping tee hee. she'll kill me when she sees this.

when we got to northern CA, we stopped for gas. i went to the bathroom and my mom pumped the car. as i exited the restroom my mom was walking towards me. "Cleo locked us out of the car." *#RU(IEJWKKQWE#@#$UIORIOUEW happens once, shame on Cleo and the damn cat. happens twice SHAME ON ME OMG. so there we were. at a shit gas station in the middle of nowhere with our wallets and phones and keys INSIDE THE CAR WITH STUPID CLEO. so my mom went inside to call AAA while i stayed outside, trying to coax Cleo to step on the unlock button. after about 20 minutes of this, my mom came outside saying she had just gotten ahold of AAA, so it was time to just sit and wait. and of course this is the precise moment Cleo decided to jump on the unlock button. little bitch. literally.

then we went to Taco Bell to laugh at ourselves and the situation. and my mom ordered a cheese quesadilla, a chalupa and The Big Box from TB which includes a flat bread taco, a burrito, a regular taco and cinnamon twists. we died laughing because of all the food and continued the drive.

we arrived in CA at our tiny apartment. and started unloading. it was insane. and i had like 4 breakdowns. and Cleo was so freaked out. but as soon as we got our stuff in the place it started to feel OK.

the next day my mom and i went house hunting while JJ dealt with DirecTV. the house hunting was a complete bust because they're so expensive. all we saw were shitholes that were unlivable. so we officially called the house hunt off after another breakdown on my part. we are going to stay in the shoebox one bedroom apartment for a year. and the size of the closet is a whole other issue entirely that i am not willing to discuss at this time.

i took Cleo for a little walk yesterday and saw three fellow dog walkers. i said hello to each of them and they all ignored me. so i have -3 friends.

my mom left on friday afternoon and i cried. and then i ordered my new return address stamp so i was a little bit happy. then JJ took me to in n out for my first grilled cheese and amimal fries as a true californian.

then last night we finished unpacking the very last box. and now i officially feel at ease. sort of. and OMFG i go to new york tmrw morning at 6 a.m. for my writer's workshop. i don't even have time to be nervous.

i hope that i continue to do as many stupid ass things in CA as i did in WA so that i have things to blog about.

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