Saturday, October 2, 2010

help me

i. am. packing. my. wardrobe. have been at it since 10 a.m. it's now 4. and as most of you know i have the master closet to myself and it is as big as an entire wall in our bedroom. two sets of double doors. this closet means serious business. and so far i have 4 plastic bins, 7 garbage bags and 2 large boxes filled. AND I'M NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING FINISHED OMGGGGGG.

so irritated with the mounds of clothes.

and when i decided i needed a lil afternoon break to make myself a cheese sandie, i suddenly saw two spiders crawling deftly across my bedspread. i panicked and smashed them, their little guts smearing across my white duvet. ahhhh motherFUDGE, come on self, use your brain. i decided to deal with it later. i meandered into the kitchen for my cheese. i also poured myself a nice fresh glass of country apple cider from an orchard. i walked back to my room to facebook and eat my snack. i set my cup on the edge of my nightstand, or at least I THOUGHT I DID OMG. my cup caught the lip of my nightstand and i watched it fall, fall to the ground and spill everywhere. it landed on my computer. but don't worry...knowing what an idiot my own self is, i bought a heavy-duty case for my laptop long ago. but oh the HORROR of stick from the apple cider!! it got everywhere. including the bedskirt, the carpet, all the clothes sitting within a 12 mile radius of the spill, the bottoms of my feet and my fanny. (who doesn't pack their closet in their underwear? i mean obvs i take breaks to try things on and have mini fashion shows) so here i am all covered in stick. staring at spider guts on my bed and surrounded by clothes.

help me.


  1. Poooor baby girl -- you look so sad and so mad. But reflect back on all the fun you had buying all those clothes. And then get sad when you think of all the money you spent. And you know in your heart of hearts that all those Spokane clothes are going to look like hell in SOCO. So just bag 'em all up and take them to Goodwill!

  2. I feel your pain. Packing/moving/unpacking sucks! Just pray your new closet is just as b/c there is nothing worse than downsizing!


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