Friday, October 1, 2010

my brush with fame round 2

my family was in town a couple of weekends ago and we went to Nordstrom. and do you know who we saw at Nordstrom?

yes, yes it's true. we saw Ray Liotta in Nordstrom in Spokane, WA. except he doesn't look like that anymore. he is overweight. and he wears a leather fannypack. and he was buying running shoes and uggs. and he was enthralled by my family. we walked over to the men's shoe department and my mom is so awkward she says, "hey! we know you..." in a cheesy voice and we all wanted to die. he proceeded to give us all love life advice, and he got really close when he leaned in to talk to us.

he wouldn't tell us what movie he's filming, but i would bet $50 that it isn't a good one.

so that's twice this year i've had my brush with fame. Ray Liotta and that guy from the band "minus the bear" or whatever. COME ON CAN'T I JUST MEET TAYLOR SWIFT OR KE$HA?!!??! yep, i said Ke$ha. i know.

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