Friday, October 1, 2010


my sister sent me this picture the other day:

it is my name written inside the front cover of the book she received for her first day of school. and there is a scribbly young man's script that reads "gay" with an arrow.

and i knew in an instant who the two possible culprits could be:

1. LJ's husband. who is quite the jokester. there was a week in junior high when he would take a dirty chalkboard eraser and slap it against my back, thus causing a rectangular-shaped chalk print on one of my many favorite Gap t-shirts. so i would not put it past him to write "gay" next to my name in my Spanish book in 2003.

2. my cousin BC. he is an assbag. through and through. his specialty in life is to be an ass. we had said Spanish class together, and one time we got into a verbal fight during class and got in trouble. so obviously "gay" could easily have been him.

so i texted the two. LJ's husband said, "nope, that's not my handwriting, but that's hilarious!"


so you see why the verbal fight in Spanish class may have happened.

isn't is just wonderful that the memory of my name shall live on at SHS inside of a Spanish book with "gay" written next to it? just wonderful.

*disclaimer* even though BC is indeed the king of the asses, i love him dearly and we get along most days. MOST days.

also i got him back in college. we had too many pink panty droppers and i gave him a drunken haircut that he had to shave his head in order to fix. tee hee.

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