Sunday, October 10, 2010

new apartment

here it is readers:

this is what you see when you walk in the door. i know, i know, i have a picture of me and JJ on the fireplace mantle...but shut up i'm obsessed with it.

the JJ corner: i.e. the TV and yes i let him hang that horrible flag up. as long as it's not the focal point of the room, i'm ok with it.

the kitchen table.

Cleo's bed. and my favorite pictures: one of my dad playing football in high school, one of me and my sister M and our cousins BC & BM when we were kids, and finally a picture of me and JJ in the summer of 07 that Sam took of us

a hint of the ATROCIOUS kitchen. good thing i never use it. last night JJ was making us gnocchi for dinner when the microwave started whistle-screaming at us and we weren't even using it. JJ had to unplug it and 3 pieces fell off in the process. the appliances are literally from 1984. it's pretty nasty.

nasty kitchen.


my tiny closet.

my/Cleo's side of the bed

JJ's side of the bed. note the manly bamboo. and that's JJ's favorite picture of us. we were in Venice, a couple days after we got engaged.

CRINGE! i hate this clutter. those are my dresses. that wouldn't fit in the closet.

:) my vanity that i adore.

bathroom. yes that's me in tye-dyed hideous hot pink pajama pants and a brooks and dunn concert tee. i lose. the pictures on the counter are my favorite: JJ has one of me on the wedding day on his side, and vice versa. i love it.

JJ's closet. the picture reflected in the mirror is a model Moon drew for me. she is wearing a peacock skirt. it's my favorite.

THE ADOR ANTHROPOLOGIE SHOWER CURTAIN THAT MY BFFS GOT ME FOR MY BDAY. i'm obsessed with it. and even JJ likes it. it's so hilar. he said, "the color is a little feminine, but i mean i gotta tell ya, I LOVE THIS SHOWER CURTAIN!" LOL

so there it is. the new tiny place. we like it. it's kind of a pain to take Cleo down the stairs to potty but pish posh, we can't worry about those things. now you can all picture where i type from when i blog.


  1. Your condo is adorable! Only downside (other than that freaky kitchen) is the wall of dresses. Have you thought of a large box to put them in that you could shove under the bed? Or is that where JJ sleeps?

  2. Your place looks great! Can't believe how quickly you unpacked and got everything settled, it really looks like a home! Also, DO NOT under ANY circumstances let MJ know you let JJ put a flag in your place. He's been begging for an AZ flag for over a year. So far I've held my ground :)

    Miss you!

  3. Love the sun drenched digs! Where is the Potty Grass Pad?!?!!? I need to see it!!! Haha

  4. I LOVE the new shabby chic you! can't wait to see it in person.

  5. is that our old white wicker dress up dresser that you're using?


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