Sunday, October 24, 2010

new furniture

after the whole poo-barf-before-8-a.m.-debacle, JJ and i decided it would just be best to stay up for the rest of the day.

plus we had a project to do. my parents ordered us furniture for our balcony so "you can sit and have coffee and read the paper in the morning together." which is great. but i don't drink coffee (as of right now anyway) and we can't afford to subscribe to the newspaper. so facebooking and drinking rum is what i will be doing in those chairs.

before i could even open the first box, JJ stopped me. "THIS IS MY PROJECT. I WILL FINISH IT ALONE." he is the worst at anything that requires handiwork. THE WORST. i hung up everything in our apartment and i fix anything if it breaks. but since the box said "light assembly required," he assumed that he would be fine on his own. and so i surfed the web while he worked.

not 2 minutes into it, i heard him grumble. "arghhh, why aren't there perforated holes in this damn thing????!!?!" and i just giggled to myself. he heard me and said, "THERE'S NOTHING TO BE LAUGHING ABOUT IN THERE L!!!!!!!"

and 20 minutes later i walked into the living room. JJ was glaring at the directions, all the pieces to the table were all around him. so i said, "do you need a drill?" and he said, "YES" so i got him the drill and that kept him occupied for a bit. meanwhile, i opened the box for the first rocking chair. and put it together. JJ was still cursing the table pieces. then he stood up and stomped outside and got a toolbox. and opened it. i was like "JJ, not to be rude or question your ability or anything, but a lug nut tool set isn't actually what you need." and he was like "I KNOW. I WAS JUST LOOKING AT SOMETHING IN HERE." and i smiled, holding back a laugh and walked over to him and took the drill out of his hands and made the hole and put the screw in. and he said, "SEE THIS IS WHAT YOU DO! YOU TAKE OVER WHENEVER I TRY TO DO SOMETHING HANDY!!!" and i was like "OMFG JJ YOU CAN'T PUT TOGETHER A TABLE WITH A LUG NUT TOOL SET. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE HOLE WITH THE DRILL, THEN INSERT THE SCREW. JUST DO WHAT I DID." and he was like "FINE! but i COULD HAVE figured it out by MYSELF!" then i let him be and began the other chair and laughed to myself. i mean, the table is just a measly little thing, i couldn't understand why he was struggling so bad. he he he heeeee.

once i finished the second chair, JJ was just finishing the table. and he was so proud of himself. it was very cute.

so there's the balcony furniture! upon closer inspection, the little table has two screws that are a little bit mangled and still sticking out of the wood.


  1. OMG. Too funny!!!! What exactly is a "lug nut" and how did LGH know what it was? That is the most baffling part.

  2. Hahahaha! Glad to know I'm not the only one with an unhandy husband. Sounds like he could use a lesson from Jeff. Last weekend I left Chris alone with my Dad all Saturday for some quality one-on-one home improvement lessons. They managed to finish all our "projects" in between football games. I'd say it was quite a success!

  3. p.s. LOVE the furniture. Cute!


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