Thursday, October 21, 2010

new sandwich

JJ came home for lunch today. and he brought me a sandwich. a RARE sandwich in Rancho Cucamonga--a sandwich from a LOCAL sandwich shop.

i was so thrilled i could have kissed Chanel's bhole. A REAL LIVE NON-SUBWAY DELI CHEESE SANDWICH!!!

then i opened it up.

it was on wheat bread.

and it had olives and mushrooms on it.

with spicy dijon mustard.

and slightly pickled cucumber slices

all of the horrible things you could think of. it might as well have had a bloody bird foot sticking out of it.

JJ must have seen the look on my face because he sighed and said, "L, just try it." so i did.


and. it. was. disgusting. i mean it was a baaaaaaad sandwich.

all i ever wanted in life was a plan delicious cheese sandwich with some veggies on WHITE bread with extra mayo and YELLOW french's mustard.


still on the hunt for a good sandwich spot here.

but JJ tried. thanks, my love. sorry if i am a teensy weensy bit of a brat.


  1. that sandwich sounds awful. what was he thinking?! i've been craving real (read non-GF) bread lately, and i haven't given in but OMG i really want a delicious sandwich on a croissant.

  2. The sammy sounds delish, but needed to be grilled to be great. You have wierd taste my little Gracie!


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