Thursday, October 21, 2010

NY with Moon

so after the workshop i headed into the city to meet MOON! hoorah! it was so much fun! we ate like kings in all of her favorite spots and we did some touristy things, my favorite being DYLAN'S CANDY BAR. which is the best place ever. and of course i got my favorite: a whole bag of sour belts. my mouth is watering as i type. i got tons so that i would be able to enjoy them even after i got home.

i'm such an un-savvy-street person. i would just be walking along all hunkey dorey when Moon would forcefully throw her arm across my chest to prevent me from getting hit by a black SUV. and last time i went to visit her i got in an unmarked gypsy cab from the airport. i understand now that it's not a good idea. i also have no sense of direction and i pay zero attention to where i'm going. i assume that whoever i'm with shall be the navigator and that i will follow suit. i don't even know how people figured out where they were going before cell phones and mapquest anyway.

Moon and i went to highline, the museum of sex, fao schwarz, we walked past her old school parsons, and we went to an off-broadway show. we had a very fun-filled time together and i enjoyed every moment. OH WAIT NO I DIDN'T. here's what i didn't enjoy: WAKING UP FOUR TIMES IN THE NIGHT TO RE-BLOW UP MY AIR MATTRESS BECAUSE HER CAT POKED A HOLE IN IT. her cat Spoinky the little shit. she even pounced my face at one point. she also shredded my bag of milano cookies and ate one. she also scared the pants off me when she slipped into the shower with me when i was washing my hair. she is nuts. but she is also such a sweet adorable kitten. and here is the one picture i took on my NY trip: Spoinky in my suitcase:

she liked to chew on my clothes. she is a cute kitten with quite an evil side.

so there aren't any pictures of me and Moon. so sad. but we have plenty of memories of the fabulous time we had together! thanks for having me MOON!! loveya

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