Monday, October 25, 2010

perf cooks

i texted my bff KKiss at 8 a.m. on saturday morning to ask her what kind of sugar cookie mix i should get and what kind of frosting i should make because....






and guess what?! they turned out PERFECTLY OMG. just as good as the pink penis shaped ones KKiss makes for any and all wedding/bachelorette activities. except mine weren't penises. but orange pumpkins with green stems and sprinkles, or as my Bostonian friend The Black Dahlia calls them, "jimmies." ha ha ha. sprinkles=jimmies. that is so weird.

and JJ and i have been enjoying them to the fullest extent. this is a once-a-year occurrence for me. and he knows this. so he is savoring every bite. and since i saved money by not purchasing the per usual slutty halloween costume this year, (no friends=no party invites. so sad), i spent money on sugar cookie making instead.

HERE THEY ARE: little orange and green doodles of delight!

they turned out so wonderfully that i might have to--GASP--try again at Christmas! maybe i AM turning into a kitchen whiz afterall! probs not.


  1. Stony wants me to make my (Martha) signature "finger" cookies for Halloween. You roll sugar cookie dough into fingers, make knuckle marks with a table knife and then press a slivered almond tinted red with food coloring on the end for the fingernail. These look frightful emerging from a cemetary made with crushed chocolate cookies.


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