Friday, October 1, 2010

to Chanel or not to Chanel?

this hiatus is just unacceptable i know it. here you all are, checking my much anticipated blog daily--every hour on the hour--and i have let you all down for far too long.

in my defense though, many a thing has been filling my brain. i even told my mom that i can't start reading a new book because i literally don't have room in my brain to follow another story. TV doesn't count. there is always room for TV. but seriously, my life has been a whirlwind of new things, the most important being that we are moving on Tuesday.

we found an apartment. a. one. bedroom. one. bathroom. apartment. with a kitchen from 1981. not kidding. and with the commonality of a thing called "Pet Rent" in California, we learned that an $800 deposit PER PET along with a $40/month PER PET rent is per usual. so unfortunately we were forced to choose between the Cs...

now i know what you're thinking. you think it was an easy decision, that my relationship with her isn't the greatest and that Cleo is the favorite. but, Chanel has been a constant in my crazy, ever-changing young adult life. i got Chanel as a wee kitten who was rescued from a box on the side of the road. her initial beauty is what attracted me to her. but as of yet, she has cost me/JJ/my parents a combined total of over $3,000. she is the million dollar cat. Christ, she should be shitting gold nuggets. i love her. but i didn't think about the complications she might cause in my life when i adopted her the summer after my sophomore year in college. yes, tis true that she got me through The Lonely Year, but the damn thing has had heat stroke (which is such a failure considering the better part of her species reside in Africa. so Chanel, you lose), a urinary tract infection, numerous haircuts, her front claws removed, etc. the list continues. also, each time i have lived in a new place since her arrival into my life, i have paid a minimum deposit/fine of $500..PER PLACE. at this point in her life Chanel is middle aged. she is 37 according to the "how old is my cat?" chart at the Sultan's office. she would not fare well in a 21-hour car drive to CA. basically, we chose to leave her behind for two reasons: 1. she has already cost us a fortune and 2. for her own benefit, she would be happier in a place that she knows--my parents' house.

and since my sister MM asked my parents for a kitten for her birthday, i thought i'd kill two birds with one stone and wrap ol Chanel's neck with a purple satin bow and regift her to MM. JJ's favorite thing to do is throw me under the bus and tell people that i didn't want Chanel. rude.

much to my surprise, 4 hours after this dramatic regifting happened, my dad had a talk with me about what a waste it will be to live in a crap apartment for a year. he did the math and decided $15,000 of rent into the crap apartment would be a waste. so he and my mom suggested we start house hunting so that we could invest in a true home. so, the plan was to live in the crap apartment for a year, but now there is an end in sight with the hopes of a cute little starter home. which is WONDERFUL! but now i have to Indian Give like a third grader and take Chanel back from poor MM. but not until we find a house. alas, Chanel will one day be a California Kitty. OH AND ALSO we sold the bed in the spare room last week. the one that we thought Chanel ruined with her toxic cat piss when she had that UTI. but the week that spent outside in the fresh air--along with the professional cat urine remover solution from the Sultan worked wonders, and a woman got a great $100 deal.

so at this point i feel that Chanel is chuckling an evil chuckle to herself whilst murmuring in a deep raspy voice, "ya can't get rid of me that easily...heh heh heh."

this photo was taken just prior to the dramatic regifting.

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