Thursday, October 21, 2010


well, i am back to blogging sooner than i had originally thought. but alas, i can't be up to my eyeballs in craigslist job scams ALL day, now can i?

here i sit in our new apartment. it's so fresh and wonderful and full of clean air because the carpet is not filled with the aroma of musty puppy pee-pee.

so anyway, about New York. this is the worst thing i have to tell you: I DIDN'T TAKE ONE EFFING PICTURE! ok well yes i did. one. of Moon's cat. but srsly. isn't that awful? for shame, L.

first i have to say that the writing workshop was such a wonderful opportunity, and i am so truly grateful to have been chosen as one "among thousands" of the fifteen finalists. i felt tres cool. i met some spectacular people who are, among many things, SUPERB STORY TELLERS! it was definitely an inspiring experience. i learned to write in a way that i never otherwise would have, and i'm so grateful for the time i spent in Rye.

i was the youngest workshopper there, aside from one girl my age who works for the magazine. and i feel like it gave me a little bit of an edge. i had a different perspective. i even mentioned in one seminar that the only way i am able to tell that the magazine isn't geared towards my age generation is by the horrid advertisements (i.e. arthritis, constipation and gardening things) LOL. they also asked who we would like to see on the cover and obvs i screamed TAYLOR SWIFT! (WHOSE NEW ALBUM COMES OUT IN 4 DAYS MAY I REMIND YOU!!!) but anyway, the point is that i felt like i had a special voice there. but i also felt a little out of place.

everyone was very nice and many told me how "mature" i was. i mean, that is the sweetest but most untrue thing i have ever heard. like in the evening after dinner when we were all in our rooms, i couldn't just break into Katy Perry song screaming SHIT YEAH I'M A GOOD SINGER while dancing in my underwear like i usually do at home. JJ is no longer fazed by these "episodes," but i would have terribly frightened my roommates if they were to have witnessed such a scene. so in that sense i felt a bit restrained and reserved.

a few of my fellow workshoppers asked for my blog address. i hesitated, but eventually gave it to them, but warned them that it is not a professional blog, only a mere collection of the unbelievably stupid things that happen to me--a spewing of my brain of sorts. after i returned home i realized that the fourth post from the top was about my last day in spoke with Rah and the Unfortunate Event that ensued at Nordstrom Rack. i mean COME ON. these God-fearing women are NOT going to think this is funny. askdjflsdkjfljksd why couldn't the first page be filled with relatively "normal" happenings?!?! ...because that just wouldn't be the L Way. upon discovering that this was the fourth post, i immediately went to delete it. but then i stopped--i have never deleted a blog out of embarrassment or fear that someone would be averse to my words--my voice. i couldn't start now. i have always put honest words into my blog, i have always had a strong voice in my blog, deleting is not an option.

so i left it up. and in the end i'm glad i did. i met so many wonderful, amazing people in New York, and they were honest in who they were. i owe it to myself to stay true to who i am--a flaming lunatic, yes, but also a person who is not ashamed to stay true to who i am. and that was the number one thing i took away from the workshop.

and now i shall end with a quote. my good friend Bill Shakespeare once wrote,

"this above all: to thine own self be true."

and here are the workshoppers--can you find me? the wind was blowing our hair dreadfully askew, but i kind of like the fabulous volume and texture it created.

Photo by Wagner Photos


  1. I like that they are all standing there plainly and you are working it. got hand on the hip & all. haha
    ps cute shirt!!!

  2. You may be young, but you have an old soul. Your quote by Shakespeare? That is the one bit of advice my own 100-year-old grandmother offers. See? Old soul ... but with bewitching style! :)


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