Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 days yeahhhh

my digital pal Brandilynn is participating in a 30 day photo challenge and obvs i'm copying her! but the first four days are going to be today.

Day 1: your facebook profile photo:

JJ, Me, Rah and Nebular apple picking at Greenbluff. a yearly Spoke tradition that makes my heart happy. i just changed my FB picture today because i was feeling nostalgic about our friendship.

my previous FB pic was:

The Black Dahlia, Me, Rah and Moon on Halloween '07 basically Halloween at it's best. we were the Fantanas. best. Hallo. ever. again, i put that one up because i was feeling nostalgic. sigh.

my favorite thing to do if i'm planning to visit a friend is to post an old fun photo of me and that person on FB as a cheerful little reminder to myself that a fun friend reunion is coming up :)

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