Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Time with Hansenz

like i said, the cold weather was making me feel all Christmasy--it was great! on Saturday we went to Big Lots! and got a 6-foot-pre-lit artificial tree for $20! what a steal!!! we met JJ's Mom for lunch yesterday where JJ ate a 100-pound burrito, and then went on a shop-a-thon and got tons of Christmas shopping done. then we went to the storage unit to get our decorations. and. YES. it happened again.

Cleo locked us out.

HONEST TO GOD YOU'D THINK I'D LEARN!!!!! DFKSJDLKJFSLDJKFS ghoddddd. so we hung around in the storage until until AAA came and saved our lives.

we got home and i turned on Alabama's Christmas Album and made the house look like this:

the treeee!!! we have the most perfect corner for it. and those SPARKLY GOLD CANDLES! aren't they ADORBS!?!?!?! target for $5 and $7. wonderful! (after we finished decorating we had to go to target. of course. to get stocking hangers. well, we ended up also getting a new xmas CD, those candles, some ornaments for the little tree AND the stocking hangers. it's literally impossible to go into target and get ONE thing. it's. impossible. I DARE YOU TO TRY!!!)

and there is our fireplace! i love love love it! the stockings were knit by my grandma. everyone in my family has the same one. love. the nativity scene is on the top left and i like the adorable little wreath.

and there is our old little tree. we put it in our room. so now we have a little bit of Yule Cheer in every room of the house! it's wonderful!

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