Tuesday, November 9, 2010

day 10

a photo of you as a baby:

all of my baby pics are obviously NOT on a digital camera. they're prints. and the prints of me as a baby are at my parents' house. and even if i DID have them, i don't have a scanner. obviously i would have chosen the picture of me naked sitting alone with my Mom's lipstick all over my face because that describes me so well. but i chose this one. it's the only "digital" baby picture i have access to. it's on FB, posted by my old good friend Tyler.

we had matching footie pajamas as you can see. and what a fabulous haircut i have! check out that awesome couch too. God love the 80s!. So that's me and Tyler. or Curly Tyler. you see, i had two best Tyler friends growing up. one had straight hair and one had curly hair. but other Tyler is missing from this pic.

there's the other baby pic of me on FB. also posted by Curly Tyler. and including the other Tyler. hah.

from L to R: Tara, Tyler, Me, my cousin B, Curly Tyler

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