Friday, November 12, 2010

day 13

a photo of your best friends.

at their best.

Moon May 2008

KitKat Halloween 2009

KKiss October 2008

LJ October 2008

Sam Halloween 2009

Rah July 2007

i love these fools. and the sad thing is: when i was searching for misfortunate photos of them, i realized that hideous pictures of me are disturbingly easy to find. like this one where i look like a character form fragle rock.

June 2010


  1. that picture of you is stunning. you should frame it and put it on your husband's nightstand...that's what i would do, at least. haha

  2. THANK GOD I AM NOT ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS! You were very mean to post these photos! Let me know what the payback is...

  3. lasdhglahsldghasldgkh


    Okay, but in all honesty.... I LOOK THE WORST!!! ROFLLLLLLLLL

  4. ok, so i was sitting by you laughing as you were picking these out but i'm still shocked by how appalling we all look.

  5. honestly, lace and i take the cake on this one. are you kidding me! haha.

  6. Ahhaahahah!!! This is one of my fave posts! We are hideous!


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