Saturday, November 13, 2010

day 14

a photo of one of your favorite family members:

obviously all my family members are my favorite family members. but i chose my dad. because he's the male version of me and also because this picture is so effing funny:

premise: we had just gone sledding down the SHS hill and we were all tired and wanting to go home. i was like "OMG DAD! we should pick up some peppermint schnapps so we can put it in our hot cocoa that would be the most perf drink ever right now!" and my dad was like "GREAT IDEA! KIKI DRIVE ME TO THE LIQUOR STORE" and so my Mom drove us (and JJ. who couldn't enjoy the drink because of his bum pancreas. and my three little sisters, all of whom were too young to have the drink) and we all waited in the store while Dad got the schnapps. classy. even more classy is he came out of the liquor store looking like this:

i was like "DAD STOP RIGHT THERE I NEED A PICTURE OMFG" we were all peeing laughing because he looks like a homeless person! his outfit is so doofy and his hair is horrid. and that paper bag...THE PAPER BAG!!! i die every time LOLOLOLOLOLOL

as much as i'm completely OBSESSED with the above photo, i don't want you all to think my Dad's some jackass who is not handsome. he is quite a dapper looking guy, as you can see here:

this might be my favorite picture of all time except for the one where JJ is shoveling the snow in Spoke and his buttcrack is hanging out (HOW did he not feel the -4 degree freeze on his bare arse?!?!) this pic was obvs at the wedding and i'm just in love with the way my dress looks. it's perfect. and i knew my Dad would be a crying blubbering fool all day (and he was), and i knew that the crying blubbery-ness would be amplified by like a million if i chose Butterfly Kisses or something for our first dance song, so i chose our favorite song...

my Dad takes each of us on the trip of our choice when we graduate high school. anywhere we want to go. my sister M chose a mexican cruise, my sister CA chose greece (sister MM is still in high school) and i chose.....OBVIOUSLY DISNEYLAND. it was the best vacay ever. we rode rides, we drank jamba juice to our hearts desire, we ordered room service at every chance we could get, we went to the movie theater everyday...basically we just LOVED LIFE. i loved that trip.

...the song i chose for my first dance with Dad was Zippity Do Dah. it was perfect because he laughed instead of cried during the dance :)

love ya DADZ

xo Love Rooney


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Your dress .... isthemostbeautifulandperfectdressofalltime. Dead serious. OF ALL TIME! Im so jeal.

  3. Love love love the b&w...I hope that's hanging in your hall (or your pseudo hallway- like mine). Does he have a hankey in his hand? so cute;)

  4. My heart is touched. :)

    Tell your dad I'm sorry to have named my dog Benny.

  5. OMG I love this post. Makes me all choked up. What good dad you have. =) And yes, your dress does look perfect in that picture.



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