Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day 16

a photo of you at the last party you went to:

this is funny and/or embarrassing because i haven't been to a party in ages. the last five parties i went to were 1. JJ's grandpa's 90th birthday, 2. LJ's wedding, 3. Rah's wedding, and 4. my own birthday party (which wasn't even a party. it was me and three friends and JJ and my parents), and 5. an appreciation party for JJ's great-uncle Joe who is a Catholic bishop. the average age at this party was 75. not kidding. but boy, there was plenty of wine! hurrah! this party was at LMU so JJ and i took Cleo with us into LA. i left the next morning for my workshop, so we stayed the night at his sister's house so it would be a quick easy trip to LAX to drop me off. ok so it was totally hot outside the day of the party. and we couldn't leave Cleo at his sister's house because she is NOT a dog person. and i would die of complete embarrassment if, when we got home there would be pees and poops belonging to Cleo on her hardwood floors. OH THE HORROR! i'm turning red at the thought of it. stupid dog.

so our plan was to leave the dog in the car with a chewstick while we went to the party. but we had to park in a parking garage and since it was SO hot out, we couldn't leave her in there. so i did the unthinkable: i. put. her. in. my. purse.

and JJ's sister isn't the only non-dog-person in his family. they never had a family dog. like, they don't get the bond between a boy and his christmas puppy, you know what i mean? and here i come, barging into the family with a cute, but un-potty-trained dog. and his family is so nice. they all try and pretend to love Cleo, but i can tell they're like WHAT'S THE APPEAL OF THIS THING!?!?!

sneaking Cleo into an appreciation dinner being thrown by JJ's animal-abstaining family, for a retired bishop was in fact, not the highest point of my life.

but she was perfect. she sat in Gucci like a stuffed animal. she took a nap even. i just stayed seated with my purse on my knee, Cleo's head resting on the rim of the purse snoozing away. and no one knew but JJ.

until, after a few glasses of wine, i thought it would be cute to show my 7-year-old nephew (who is the daughter of one of the animal abstainers) "my secret" and told him under no circumstances was he to tell Grandma or i would be Dead Meat. well, shame on me for trusting a 7-year-old. he threw me under the bus the first chance he could get and tattle told on me to JJ's Mom. who of course was perfectly sweet about it, smiling and laughing and saying "i can't believe it!" but i knew deep down she was thinking OMG i hope there's not bits of dog drool in the pâté!

it was quite the ordeal. and i was probably just as embarrassed as i would have been if the damn dog shit on JJ's sister's hardwood floor. so i had to ask myself, was it worth it? >sigh< i'm just an idiot.

so, after that tangent, i realized i do not in fact have a picture from that night. so here is the last "party" i attended. my own birthday party. whattaloser.

Kkiss, Me, KitKat, Sam.

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