Thursday, November 18, 2010

day 19

a photo of you on a school trip:

a. my heart! it hurts! i'm not in schoooooooooool anymore.

and b. i never went on a "school trip" per se....

but here it is. Moon, Me, Juelz Santana and The Black Dahlia at Big Al's.

there is a thing called senior events at Gonzaga. you pay some dough to get these coveted wristbands (you can see them piled on The Black Dahlia's wrist in the photo). every event has a different colored wristband. senior events consist of a boat cruise, bowling night, david's pizza and beer day, Big Al's Country Barn, Senior Ball, and ATW (around the world) which is when all the seniors wear the same t-shirt and go around to "sponsored" houses around campus and drink. each house is a "country" i.e. one house was france. so we were served "mimosas" (champagne and tang) and costco croissants. and so on and so on.

senior events was the. best. week. ever.

Moon and i had a thing for matching. so we wore hankies as tops to Big Al's. we look like siamese twins in this picture. also, that drink The Black Dahlia has in her hand? The Derailer. don't get one.


  1. the fact that you can wear a bandana as a shirt astonishes me

  2. no no no charz! monica sewed them! they were extended in the back so that they would fit. a REAL NORMAL sized bandana doesn't fit. hahahaha

  3. OMG awesome - did you know the seniors this year are so horrid they straight up cancelled senior events? They get to go on senior jesus retreat but that's about it. BUMMER they will not know the gloriousness of having a 70 year old bus driver yell at you for being too hammed.


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