Friday, November 19, 2010

day 20

a photo of something you enjoy doing:

i don't have a photo of me in the movie theater. because THAT is something i truly enjoy. i went this morning for a $5 matinee to see ol HP7 Part 1. OMFG i was on the edge of my seat the whole time! and when that basilisk lunged forward to bite harry, i was the only one who screamed. embarr.

but here is another lovely thing i enjoy doing:

having a dance party on Rah and Nebular's boat to Katy Perry (if i got a new kitten i would name her Kitty Purry...haaaaa get it?????) songs whilst drinking coors light in the lovely summers that the pacific northwest has to offer. you can see Nebular being annoyed in the back, but what you can't see is an even more annoyed JJ because we force him to take 348929843742 pictures of us. tee hee.



    also, riding horses IS chic. duuuh. hahaha i guess i really blossomed from my 'weird horse girl' days.

    p.s. kelly hess came into my store today and we talked about how hilar/awesome you are.

  2. oh, i'm blushing. he he

    if i lived in rexburg i would come into your store everyday.

    and then i would be verrrry broke.

  3. I too was on the edge of my seat during HP. and I felt so ridic when I was getting scared & wincing because I already knew what happened.

  4. Nagini is not a basilisk... just saying...


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