Tuesday, November 23, 2010

day 24

a photo of you that your hair looks nice in:

ok i'm sorry. but i don't have just one. i have a handful. a good hair day is hard to come by. so i'm including all of them. the first one is the pic where i have a mustache at the king's game with JJ. and it's my FB profile picture right now. but i'm not including it because i just posted it like 2 weeks ago. you know the one. ...i just can't help but look beyond that mustache and see through to my awesome hair and my bangs! PS DID YOU HEAR?!?!? TAYLOR SWIFT GOT BANGS!!! WE BE TWINZ!!!

Me and Rah Greenbluff 2007. i mean, my hair could not be more perfect. it's all newscaster-like but in a Natalie Morales on the Today show kind of way, not the local news way. and doesn't that MJ corduroy bag photograph stupendously!?? i mean, come ON.

this picture is a funny story. i was peeing there. after a full day of tailgating at a WSU football game in Seattle, Sam and i had to go into a restaurant and chug water and eat clam chowder to sober up enough to drive to the Justin Timberlake concert for KKiss' bday. this picture was taken after we arrived at the concert. i had to pee but we arrived early the doors to the Tacoma Dome were locked. so i just hunkered down behind my car door and peed on the cement. and Sam snapped this pic. my hair is just. so. GREAT! i love it.

this is LJ's wedding! i loved my hair at her wedding. i felt so pretty that day, even though i wasn't the gorgeous bride. that dress was so tight. Long Duc Dong made it a litttle snug. i had red raw marks under my armpits and over my boobs when i took it off. but everything was held in quite nicely all day, that's probs why i felt so nice looking. i call this hair JBF hair...i know, it's in bad taste to use that kind of language. but really. the hair is a perfect blend of messed up and polished. perfection!

this picture i took last week. note that i am wearing short sleeves and shorts. I WANT A SNOW DAY WAHHHHH. i learned how to make the PERFECT bun via tutorial by Sydney who is completely adorable. i don't know her. just found her through another cyerfriend's blog. and she gives me a little bit o' inspiration to get my ass out of bed, out of dirty t-shirts and into something pretty. anyway, on a particularly ho-hum unemployment day i decided to make my own perfect bun and get dressed. good job, self. i think i walked to the mailbox and back in this outfit. and that was it. hahhhhh

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