Monday, November 29, 2010

day 28

a photo of what you ate today:

i have eaten a boatload of things because i don't know if you remember but i HAD CARROTS FOR DINNER LAST NIGHTTTT

for breakfast i had:

a babybel cheese wheel. because they are SO BOMB

a california cuties clementine. delish!

and a target brand granola bar. only i had peanut butter flavored. duh

and of course i drank water from my new Christmas Cup.

then JJ came home from work for lunch and made us THESE:

except he forgot to put mayonnaise on mine. GRRR. so i dipped it in jalepeno ranch instead. and once again i'm farting. and still alone with no one to laugh at them.

and i also had




apparently this is me today:

now i'm off to eat a horse and compose my 2010 Christmas Letter

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