Wednesday, November 3, 2010

day 4

a photo of the last place you went on holiday:

Dad, CBP (sister M's bf), my sister M, my sister MM, Mom, my sister CA (who threw up upon crossing the finish line LOL), JJ and Me. that was San Diego with the family in June '10. i've been lots of places since then, but this is the last actual, true vacation. this was the Rock n Roll marathon that my mom ran and that JJ, CBP, CA and M split into a relay race. my mom made us wear those t-shirts and Dad, MM and i had to walk 9238409382 miles that day to meet everyone at their consecutive ending points. it. was. the. most. brutal. day. ever. BESIDES THE DAY BEFORE WHEN GUCCIS DIED. but upon looking at the photo now, i am only filled with good memories. this picture makes me smile because i love all the fools in it.

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