Friday, November 5, 2010

day 6

a photo that makes you laugh:

ok so i'm not like a crazy bull-riding freak. i have only done it twice. and there are two pictures to prove it.

but this photo makes me laugh so hard.

i had two 21st birthday celebrations. this was the one Moon planned: we went to Big Al's Country Barn in a limo (tres chic) and she paid for me to ride the bull. and since it was my birthday, they let us ride double. i laughed so hard riding that god damn bull that i peed my pants...or my underwear, because i wasn't wearing pants. and it got on Moon's leg. and when the bull bucked us off i quickly shot Moon a whisper about why her leg was wet and to please please please not tell anyone that i just peed on the bull's bare back. she didn't tell but OMG we died laughing. it's a favorite joke of ours.

right after this, the bartender made me get on stage and take the double shot of warm whiskey. i did it and walked straight outside and puked on my friend Ry's shoes on accident. Moon was there to wipe my chin and give me some water.

it's a miracle i didn't poop on her as well.

but anyway, this moment is captured so perfectly. i'm dying with embarrassment telling Moon that i peed and Moon is dying laughing. true, true friendship.

1 comment:

  1. omg i wish you could see pee marks on the bull's back...hilarious


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