Monday, November 8, 2010

day 9

a photo of your family:

this is my relatively new family. christmas 2008. sigh. i miss Cleo as a puppy. and sort of miss Chanel. check out that bow on her head. she's thrilled.

i wish i had an old HIGHlarious picture of my family in the glory days, but those went down with the Red Tortoiseshell Dell Crash of '07 (rest in agony you piece of shit) so i'm giving you a modern pic instead. this was at my wedding obvs. it was hard to find a recent picture of the original six since JJ seems to always be meddling around in there somewhere. the funny thing about this SO CALLED PROFESSIONAL photo is that my littlest sister MM (far right) is pinching the ass of my sister CA. that is why CA looks a bit startled. next to CA is sister M. then me then mom then dad.

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