Saturday, November 6, 2010

sad santa

i have been having a bit o trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year. usually i'm wearing a santa hat and belting out JOY TO THE WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDD by this time.


i turned on my all-time fave "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go..." but i looked out my window and the sun was blaring. and there were palm trees. and i was wearing shorts. and the AC was blowing on my bare leg. it just wasn't right. so i had to turn off the blatant Christmas music and go with something a little more subtle. i chose a nice classical music version of all my favorite Yule tunes. so it makes for quiet, easy listening. now i'm just calmly humming "little drummer boy" while doing the dishes instead of opening all the windows and screaming the lyrics to "the 12 days of Christmas" over and over again while dancing around in in red and green underwear on November 1.

and i'm not sure yet if i'm O.K. with that. Christmas is the best day of the year besides july 29th so i want to be in full force right now. i want to start shopping for gifts and i want to put on my uggs and shovel snow. but it's 95 fudging degrees here. NINETY-FIVE! it's horrid. how do people get into the spirit around here?!!?! the giant santa that they put up in Costco before Halloween is the only thing that gives me a glimmer of Christmas Spirit Hope and i can't just hang around there all day staring at him.

i even went so far as googling "sad santa" and i came across something wonderful!!! a REAL GEM. i found a song that made me feel so much better. it's by Marty Stuart. and it's called "Even Santa Claus Gets The Blues"

Lost my favorite reindeer in a hurricaine
got soakin' wet on account of rain.
Coutin' my troubles by threes and by twos
even Santa Claus Gets the Blues

what i wouldn’t give for just one silent night!
just me and Mama Claus by the warm firelight, yeah
but Christmas time is coming
just so much to do
even Santa Claus Gets the blues

well i know every single chimney like the back of my hand.
people leave me milk and cookies,
a just think that’s grand.
As the story goes i’m a dearly loved man.
but the reason for the season,
some folks just don’t understand!

so it’s back to the workshop, to make some more toys.
can’t wait to give them to all the girls and boys.
i'm hooking up my sleigh, go ahead and spread the news,
but sometimes, even Santa Claus gets the blues.

me and Santa. we're on the same page.

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