Wednesday, November 17, 2010

it ain't easy, no it ain't

i went to the career fair today.

for 10 minutes. and i brought Cleo in the car with me because she absolutely did not want to be left behind. so i parked in the shade and cracked the windows while i went inside. i left after 7 minutes because these were the available job opportunities:

1. ultrasound technician
2. insurance agent
3. door-to-door salesperson
4. police officer

since none of those sounded remotely interesting, i walked around to the booths, grabbed the free pens and candy and GTFOOT. what a waste of my gorgeous grey Theory slacks that i spent half the morning ironing.

i walked back out to the car started to drive home. then i smelled Something Horrible. i turned around and there, right in the backseat, were three dog logs. MOTHERF CLEO! so i had to pull over at the la quinta inn and park in the handicapped spot while i cleaned the shit with a single anti-bacterial hand wipe.

and we were back on our way home. and when we got back, i opened my e-mail to find that i had been denied for an administrative job at a college i applied to a month ago. which was fine. i've been getting a lot of those lately, they are starting to roll right off the back. but this one got under my skin and forced a single tear to fall down my cheek because it was rude. rude rude rude. ouch. here is what it said:

Hi L,

Thank you for your interest in the secretarial position in the Office of Admission. There was an overwhelming response to the posting. After reviewing all of the resumes and applications, I have chosen a small group to contact and interview. I am sorry to say that I did not see a match with your resume and the requirements of our position.

best of luck in your job search,


well fudge you, DONNA.

then i went into the kitchen and heated up some crab rangoons from target and dipped them in ranch dressing.

and JJ got home from work to swiftly kiss me on the cheek before grabbing his jersey and leaving to go to the king's game. so i'm alone again. burping up crab rangoon and ranch dressing. sigh.

it ain't easy bein unemployed.


  1. Law School. You'd make a fabulous attorney!

  2. Annonymous - as a 3rd year law student I can confidently say that law school is the worst idea ever!!!

  3. If it makes you feel better Lacie, I get those emails all the time too. Apparently my perfect fit is not in the corporate world... how ironic.

  4. :( Damn recession! I'm sure that job went to a secretary with gray hair and 45 years of experience.

  5. Family Law. She would love it and I think she would do well! JMI


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