Monday, November 8, 2010


JJ and i went to the kings game AGAIN last weekend. and i don't really mind because it actually gives us something to do on the weekends, instead of watching an entire season of 30 Rock in one day while eating jalepenos and sour cream.

and usually i wear my hideous men's boxy King's t-shirt that JJ bought for me. but i decided to just wear a purple tank and jeans.

and we took this picture that i thought was totally cute:

but upon closer inspection.....OMG DO I HAVE A MUSTACHE?!?!?!


  1. Its a beautiful stache :) Do you use self tanner on the face? because I totally get one also when I do.

  2. no. no self tanner. just a real, live mustache shadow.

  3. you and your damned posing.and your perfect bangs. i miss you.bye.


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