Monday, November 29, 2010


this week's LOLcat is just for JJ.

because last night i bought Tetris on my phone. it went on sale from $2.99 to .99 cents. i boasted to JJ "ha ha! look what i have! Tetris on my phooooonnnneeee!" and he was like "L, i don't like Tetris." and i was like WTF YOU WERE BORN IN THE 80s, YOU HAVE TO LIKE TETRIS!!! and he was like "no." so i said, "ok, what did you play on your first edition grey gameboy then?? mario brothers? donkey kong? because those were good games, too."

my gay 63-year-old husband said, "no. i played tennis on my gameboy."


he never played super mario. so he probs doesn't even understand this LOLcat.

"it's a meee, a mario!"

please tell me you bitches played mario. PLZ!!!!


  1. I played the heck out of some Mario. regular, 2, 3, dr, Kart, wii, all of the above. Its the best game of all time. and i am laughing because me and my dad aaallllwwwwaaaayyyssss say to each other on the phone... 'its a meeee, mario'

  2. Not only was I a badass at Mario, but to this day I use our PS3 WAY more than my husband. He bought it to play Madden (which I constantly beat him at) but I'm the one who uses it for everything from Netflix Instant Watching to playing Lego Harry Potter. This started as me thinking my husband was a nerd, but now it's definitely me. I'm the nerd...


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