Wednesday, November 3, 2010

leather and lace

my blog name can be quite deceiving. like what do people expect to come up when they type in leather and lace into google and happen upon my blog? and when YOU think of leather and lace what comes to your mind? s&m weird shit with whips and the like? or perhaps a new movement in fashion? well i was flipping through the channels the other day and i came upon this:

BIKER CHICKS!?!?!? omg. embarr.

the name of my blog was created by Sam. and it perfectly describes the two sides of me: the pretty girly side and the complete opposite side in which i run around in my bathrobe making a tune with farts. it is SO not supposed to be alluding to anything sexual or BIKER CHICK-Y.


  1. AH YEAH! Blog title credit! YEAH!

  2. I totally thought you named it after the Britney Spears song.


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