Monday, November 29, 2010

lonely dinner

last night JJ got a ticket to the Laker game. all i ever wanted in life was to go to a Laker game so i could see Khloe Kardashian in real life. but i wasn't invited. guy friends only. hmph. so JJ ditched me but bought me a pointsettia in a sparkly pot to pacify me. only did you know that pointsettias are poisonous to cats and dogs and small humans? since Chanel doesn't live with us at the moment (tears) it's the first pointsettia that i have had in my apartment. i put it on the mirrored chest and it looks all Christmasy and perfect. i hate when people pronounce pointsettia "POINT-SET-EE-YA" it's just "POINT-SET-AH" get it riiiight.

but anyway, last night was a lonely night. i settled into E! for the evening and watched Bridalplasty and Kendra and Married to Rock (you guys, i know. what is wrong with me?) and then i got hungry. and my husband wasn't there to cook for me. i went to the cupboard to make spaghettios and toast, because that's what i ate for dinner every night when i lived alone, and therefore resort to that meal any time i'm alone...and DAMN! no spaghettios in the cupboard. so i just stood there and stared. like WTF was i supposed to eat!??! i opened the freezer and saw that JJ had picked up some veggie pot stickers. but guess what?! THE MICROWAVE IS STILL BROKEN IN THIS GOD FORSAKEN APARTMENT and i wasn't about to figure out how to bake them in the oven. so i put them back. and had this for dinner:

i dipped the veggies in jalepeno ranch dressing. and then i farted all night and no one was there to laugh with me.

and tonight JJ is going to the King's game. and once again i will be left alone tonight to fend for myself. and this time i say FUDGE IT--I'M GOIN TO TACO BELL

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  1. I betting you still farted all night though... :)


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