Thursday, November 18, 2010

a new house for Cleo

my Mom booked our tickets to Selah for CHRISTMASSSS FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! OMFG i can't wait. and it's for six whole days since JJ works for a baseball team and their season isn't anywhere NEAR Christmas!! hoorahhhhh

i. am. SO. excited.

and guess what? Cleo's my carry-on. LOL. she's coming with us. we are so thrilled. but my Mom told me that the carrying case that she travels in has to have very very specific measurements. and when i measured her adorable chic zebra-printed case that i got a very good deal on last year, i was disgruntled to find that it is ONE INCH too big on all dimensions. damn. so i went onto amazon to look for a New House For Cleo, i.e. a carrier that fits alaska airlines' requirements. and. i. found. this:

LOLOLOL A BABY BJORN FOR A DOGGGGG BAAAHASJKHDHADSHAHAHAHAHA wouldn't JJ look smokin' in that thing? hahahahahahahhaha so funny. so so so soooo funny and so stupid.

all i ever wanted was this one:

but it's $2,200. >sigh<

so...i think i'm getting this one:

just a middle-of-the-road carrier that is about as chic as it's getting for $35.

omg. did i just write a blog about pet carrier shopping? what is wrong with me??!?!?! hahahaaaaaa

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