Wednesday, November 3, 2010

quick spoke

Spoke was a flash. as the plane touched down tears fell down my cheeks, as i felt home but not really. you know? it was hard. Rah picked me up and we scream hugged in the middle of the sidewalk in true drama queen fashion. then we chatted the whole way to dinner at Latah for 50% off wine bottle Monday (how perf). then we went home to bed.

the next morning i got up early to get my hair done when i realized that i had not packed a cardigan for the photoshoot. the magazine doesn't approve of slutletts waltzing about in spaghetti straps. so i ran over to target and found one: for $3.50 on clearance. PERF. then zipped over to RW to meet Dee for a quick lunch before the shoot. we enjoyed grilled cheese and Pit Pea Poop (that's what she calls split pea soup LOLOLOLLLLL) then went up to her apartment to change into our outfits. the photographer arrived and we had an absolute blast. we felt like real live models (THRILLING) and then of course, in true Dee fashion, we finished the day over a glass of merlot with the photographer and his assistant.

i then popped into CP's house to visit my babies M, S and Baby P. they were so sweet and gave me lots of loves, and i got to chat with CP for a bit, so perf.

then i picked up S from work and we popped real quick into the new Nordstrom Rack and of course the only sensible thing for an unemployed person to buy is a new pair of GUCCI SUNGLASSES TO REPLACE THE ONES THAT WENT DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN: OBSESSED:

then we met up with CP for a quick drink and got home and went to bed. and i couldn't sleep. so i wrote this poem for Rah:

all alone in the guest room i sit
with an incredibly unhansome zit.
the fire's a bakin
my heart it's a breakin
at the airport i will throw a fit.

all the wonders are here in spokane
--what's missing? my dog and my man.
we smell a small fart
it was frank/ben cross my heart!
'twas all just a part of my plan.

to move in with the nebs
till the 25th of febs,
evading a life that is bland.

frank/ben are her dogs just in case you forgot. and their guest bedroom has a fake fireplace that emits heat and a fake flame. it's hilar.

then this morning we woke up and had coffee before the sad drive to the airport. and i was so thrilled by the starbucks red cups that i ordered a peppermint mocha and then i had a caffeine high and the Big D until 5 p.m.

heart. broken.

Spoke is a place in which i never thought i would fall madly deeply in love.

ps i didn't have time to visit my good friend Sabby and i'm so sad. so i have to say it on my blog :'-( wahhhhh.... NEXT TIME SABBY! NEXT TIME!!!

1 comment:

  1. The fart... It was Frank I know it!

    We miss you. :(

    55 dayssssssss!!!!!!!


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